Spotted, small in stature, and adorned with up to six impressive horns — the Jacob sheep is a unique and attractive breed with a long history. The breed is thought to have originated in the Middle East thousands of years ago and is named after the Jacob of the Bible’s Old Testament, who raised spotted sheep.

The Jacob is the inspiration behind the Gothfarm Yarn logo and has long been catching the eye of passers-by. In England, generations of Jacob flocks have been kept for hundreds of years on country estates as “park sheep” — essentially, living lawn ornaments.

But what we love most about it the Jacob is its wool. The Jacob is the only sheep breed that consistently produces a spotted fleece. And while known for its big patches of black and white, individuals can come in a range of colors, including hazy lilac grays to tortoise-shell browns. The character of the wool can vary greatly between individual sheep, but overall, it’s a lofty, medium-feeling fiber, with a staple length of about 3-5 inches. We love it on its own or blended with other fibers, where the Jacob lends strength and color depth.

Our Jacob sheep yarns are:

We also have roving made from 100% Jacob wool.