Big and blocky, Lincoln Longwools are the linebackers of sheep. But even more eye-catching than their heft and height are their long, curly locks that can grow up to 12 inches per year.

The locks are heavy and lustrous and come in both white and colored varieties. Shiny locks and a rustic feel are a common association when it comes to wool, and this rule holds true for Lincolns. Their wool makes for a rugged-feeling yarn that is especially great for weaving and can withstand wear and tear. However, it may feel scratchy if worn next to skin. (The “prickle factor” will vary from person to person.)

In our yarn Kaolin, we blend Lincoln locks with Tunis sheep wool, creating an ivory white yarn with strength, shine and body.

Lincoln Longwools are part of a larger Longwool family of sheep. The family can trace its heritage back to sheep brought to Britain during Roman invasions. Over time, these sheep were developed into distinct varieties by sheep raisers across English counties, with the Lincoln Longwool hailing from Lincolnshire.

Lincolns are considered a rare sheep breed by the Livestock Conservancy, which currently classifies them as “threatened.”


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