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Cirrus is a pencil roving in a stormy, heathered gray hue. The color comes from blending Jacob sheep and Shetland sheep wool. Pencil roving is a versatile material: you can knit it, spin it or felt it. If you’re knitting, treat it like a delicate, single-ply worsted yarn. If you’re spinning, spin it counter-clockwise to help undue some of its native twist and make it easier to draft. If you’re needle felting, take advantage of its narrow width and gauzy feel to add intricate details,  or roll it up to create core forms.

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Jacob sheep wool, Shetland sheep wool

4 oz

Approximately 150 yards

Fiber Feel:
Medium soft, suitable for next-to-skin wear

Project ideas:

Rainbow Roll Shawl by Benjamin Matthews (knit)

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