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This sleek and modern table runner is all about texture and contrast. Designed specifically for our yarns Kaolin and Gabbro, this piece is highly customizable and open to experimentation. Designed by Cynthia Cox.


Weft: Kaolin (one skein, 185 yards) & Gabbro (one skein, 185 yards)

Warp: Maysville 8/4 cotton rug warp in Linen

Plain weave and clasped weft

2 harness or rigid heddle loom with 17” weaving width, 6 dent reed, 1 stick shuttle, temple if desired

12 epi threaded 2 per dent in 6 dent reed, and 2 per heddle

Width in loom:
18 inches

17 x 27 inches, not including fringe