Mini-skeins are perfect for adding small details to larger projects, such as necklines or edgings.

Choose from two sets of mini-skeins

Grayscale (black, white, gray): Contains mini-skeins of Carbonado, Kaolin and Gabbro.


Classic (black, brown, gray): Contains mini-skeins of Carbonado, Ultisol and Gabbro.

75  yards total. Each mini-skein is 25 yards.


Carbonado: 8 grams

Gabbro: 5 grams

Kaolin: 11 grams

Ultisol: 11 grams

Yarn Thickness:

Carbonado: Sport

Gabbro: Sport (note: full-size Gabbro skein is worsted weight)

Kaolin: Worsted

Ultisol: Worsted

Yarn Feel:
Ranges from soft to medium. See main yarn pages for more info.