Gothfarm Summer Clutch (woven)


Free with the purchase of at least one skein of our yarn Kaolin! This eye-catching clutch is a versatile and sturdy piece, great for formal affairs and casual nights out alike. The handbag was made specifically for our yarn Kaolin by Cynthia Cox. The motif showcases the yarn’s natural luster and texture.

Make sure the pattern and at least one skein of Kaolin is in your cart, then enter the coupon code “Clutch” to get the pattern for free.


Weft: Kaolin (one skein, 185 yards)

Warp: Maysville 8/4 cotton rug warp in Linen (252 yards for a 1.5 yard warp in loom)

Point Twill

4 harness, 6 treadle with 12” weaving width, 6 dent reed, 1 stick or boat shuttle, temple if desired

Other supplies:
1/2 yard medium weight linen or cotton for lining

Medium weight, sew in interfacing

12 inch zipper

Thread to match

12 epi threaded 2 per dent in 6 dent reed, and 2 per heddle

Width in loom:
14 inches, includes seam allowances, and draw in

Finished sample dimensions:
12 X 7 inches

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