Ultisol is a dynamic brown roving made from black Zwartbles sheep wool blended together with cinnamon red Huacaya alpaca fleece. Zwartbles sheep are a rare breed and are not found in the United States. Our wool is imported from the Netherlands. Their naturally black fiber has a red undertone that brings out the auburn color of the alpaca fleece.

The roving is used to create our worsted-weight yarn of the same name. The yarn is soft and squishy with a great springy feel. Use this roving to spin your own yarn in a custom weight, add a soft earthy look to woven works, or create felted items.

Please note: Due to the Zwartbles fleece, the roving contains some kemp fibers. These are easily removed if desired.

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Cinnamon red Huacaya alpaca fleece, Zwartbles sheep wool.

2 oz

Fiber Feel:

Medium Soft