Ultisol is a dynamic dark brown yarn with an amazing spring. The Red Alpaca creates auburn highlights that wind throughout a nearly black base created by Zwartbles sheep wool that was imported from the Netherlands. The yarn has an overall light-medium feel that makes it perfect for hats, sweaters and gloves.

Note: Due to the Zwartbles fleece, the yarn contains some kemp fibers. These are easily removed if desired. Most skeins contain 1-2 “puffs” where the yarn looses twist for 1-2  inches.

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Zwartbles Sheep wool, Red Huacaya Alpaca fleece

185 yards

2.7 oz – 4.2

Yarn Thickness:
Worsted weight (10 wraps per inch) & Sport weight (12 wraps per inch)

Yarn Feel:
Soft and very squishy–a perfect hat yarn.

Suggested Needle Size:
Worsted: U.S. Size 6 (4 mm)

Sport: U.S. Size 4 (3.5 mm)